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Fácánoskert lakópark - Tata

Category: property development


Our gated community with ideally situated building plots is located in Tata (55 km from Budapest), in the immediate vicinity of the Old Lake (Öreg-tó). The few hundred metres’ distance from the town guarantees that the residents of the estate can enjoy perfect silence and an unspoilt environment. There are several smaller lakes in the area, which provide plenty of pleasant recreational opportunities, such as walking, active sports or angling. The area has ideal transport infrastructure as it can be reached within minutes both from the town and the neighbouring motorway. The area can be accessed from Fekete út from the town. A separate access road, a separate gatehouse, an access system and fences make the use of the facility convenient.


The gated community has surfaced road system. As the plots border on external areas only at the outermost boundary – following examples in the United States – no fences are required between the front gardens and the publicly used areas.

Development opportunities:

Property development, in cooperation with or as commissioned by a financial or strategic investor, could take any of the following forms:

  • building and selling a gated community
  • selling building plots for individuals

Investor target groups:

  • property development firm that wishes to build and later operate a gated community
  • individuals and families wishing to live/spend their holiday at Old Lake (Öreg-tó) of Tata, especially those enjoying angling.

Present technical parameters:

Address: Tata

Total area: 21,176 m2

Number of plots: 19

Area of plots: between 801 m2 and 2,029 m2

Permissible built-up area: 20%