Keresés a QUAESTOR csoport oldalain


For the enhancement of Hungarian–Russian economic relations we opened the Hungarian Trading House in Moscow in April 2013. Although Hungary has acceded to the European Union, it has not forgotten its long-standing economic and trade relations with Russia. Despite initial setbacks and the consequences of the Russian financial crisis of 1998–1999, Hungary has had considerable exports to Russia.

Moszkvai magyar kereskedőház megnyitóThe new Hungarian Trading House, created by QUAESTOR Group, is expected to play a crucial role in this process. The Trading House is to be instrumental in broadening bilateral economic ties by, among other things, acting as a mediator for investors, rendering business consulting and boosting trade and tourism. The principal mission of the Trading House is to pave the way for Hungarian companies, including small and medium-sized ones, in Russia, to find Russian buyers for Hungarian manufactures and farming produce and to invite Russian investments to Hungary. By opening the Hungarian Trading House in Moscow, QUAESTOR Group wishes to act as a gateway for promising Hungarian projects and initiatives that focus on Russia and to help the reception of Russian investments in Hungary.

For more information please visit: www.vtd.hu