Keresés a QUAESTOR csoport oldalain




QUAESTOR Group established QuaesTel in 1998 to exploit the business opportunities of telecommunications, a growth sector of the world’s economy. QuaesTel is a fully licensed telecommunications carrier with local operations centers offering comprehensive services. The conditions for Internet protocol-based voice communication, i.e. voice over IP or VoIP technology were created at around the time of the company’s birth, and the QUAESTOR Group aims to make use of the inherent technical and business opportunities. Several services of the Group have become known under the QuaesTel brand.

QUAESTELThe company offers reliable and high quality voice and video transmission services to customers in many countries via its self-developed network. This dynamic development, the international presence, and the wholesale relations with the major players of the Hungarian telecommunications market serve as a basis for the company’s access to competitive prices. The Company offers a wide range of services from VoIP telephone and Internet services through various safety and security systems, intelligent entry systems and building management systems. Its objective is to facilitate communications to companies and government bodies, which can thus switch to the Internet-based technology at low costs. Consequently, existing and potential users receive a customized, easily manageable service, and higher call quality along with considerable savings. Currently work is under way to develop services using the IP Cloud technology, the development of which took off last year.


For more information please visit: www.quaestel.hu or www.quaestel.com