Keresés a QUAESTOR csoport oldalain

In order to increase the Hungarian-Turkish commercial and trading relations, we opened the Turkish-Hungarian Trading House in Istanbul in December, 2013.

Considering the long common history in retrospect, both countries have significant traditions in economic and commercial activities and these support the attendance and improvement of such affairs.


The Turkish-Hungarian Trading House plays an outstanding role in this process. Its task is to intensify business ties between the two countries, primarily in investment intermediation, business networking, and also in trade and the vitalization of tourism. Our main objective is to enhance the expansion of Hungarian enterprises in Turkey and to find significant market for Hungarian industrial and agricultural products. In addition, we intend to actively participate in achieving more and more implementation of Turkish investments in Hungary.



In 2012 the bilateral goods turnover was 2,1 billion USD, 1, 6 billion of which was the Hungarian export. The main export to Turkey consists of machines, electronic equipment, plastic products and vehicles as well as live-stock, since Turkey is one of the most significant target of Hungarian cattle export.

For further information please visit www.tmte.eu