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Twins Hotel - Leányfalu

Category: hotel

Surrounded by Little Danube, a branch of River Danube, and low slopes of Visegrád Mountains, Leányfalu is located in the Danube Bend. The village, with a population of approx. 3,000 inhabitants, is part of the Pilis Landscape Protection Area. In the 19th century mostly actors, singers and writers purchased building plots in the area, and it is still a popular resort or residence of a number of well-known artists. The present hotel is located near the main road. 
A three-star hotel with 27 rooms, the building consists of two parts. A part of it was originally built to be home of an extended family so it has corresponding architectural features. With time that building was transformed and another part with a similar rectangular ground-plan was added. Subsequently the two parts were connected with terraces and passageways. A few years ago it functioned as a senior citizens’ home and eight offices served the functions of the home for the elderly. There is above-ground parking space for 27 cars. Presently the property is not used.

Development opportunities:
Property development, in cooperation with or as commissioned by a financial or strategic investor, could take any of the following forms:

  • restore the former hotel function
  • establish a private medical centre
  • establish an educational centre
  • establish a rehabilitation centre

Investor target groups:
Property development firms that intend to operate a hotel or a medical centre.

Present technical parameters:
Address: Leányfalu
Area of plot: 1,830 m2
Gross leasable area: 1,661 m2