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Cost-effective long-term incentives

Are you familiar with the occupational retirement provision as a new, domestic possibility for creating cost-effective benefit packages?

Whether it is corporate retirement program, bonus and key-people benefit, or special jubilee plan, the employer can support the employees under favourable tax and social security payment conditions in the long term.
It is possible to make payments up to 50 % of the monthly minimum wage and 200,000 HUF annually to the retirement program implemented through our institution with favourable taxing conditions.
The tax rate is 16% and the health contribution rate is 14%, however, due to the 1.19-fold super gross-up, the real rate becomes 35.7%.
For the employees of the participant company, the retirement benefits (in case of having 10 years of membership for members joined the fund after 31.12.2012) and possible death and disability benefits are free of tax and other contributions.
The occupational retirement service provider registers the contributions on member accounts and invests the amounts either in optional portfolio investment scheme, or pre-recorded portfolio. The return on the investments is tax-interest free. 
Do not hesitate to use this opportunity of domestic contribution with favourable taxing and learn more about our products.
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