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Key-person programs

Does keeping the key people at the company worry you?

Obviously there are certain employees at your company whose acquisition, retention and motivation is extremely important for the company.

Creating the necessary financial motivation, or proper bonus programs for key employees is only possible if there are sufficiently flexible financial tools and products to support the necessary differentiation available.

Our Institution for Occupational Retirement Provision and our products provide a suitable partner and proper tool for the employer to execute bonus and key person programs and use them effectively.

The implementation of bonus and key person programs is done by creating special occupational retirement programs, whereby the employer can freely form groups of key employees and establish pension schemes by applying the combinations of several possible unique options.

It often happens, that certain key persons can only be obtained, retained, or motivated in the long term with different conditions and in different manner. When providing the possibility to create pension schemes for single members, we have taken this aspect into consideration.

In several cases, the employers relate key people to particular projects and wish to award them with bonuses upon successful completion.

Since an employee can be put into several pension scheme categories at the same time, the bonus and key- person programs related to projects can be easily and successfully established through our Institution for Occupational Retirement Provision.

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