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Tailor-made retirement programs

The occupational retirement provision has great traditions in Anglo-Saxon countries and in the developed Western democracies. We have created our Institution for Occupational Retirement Provision and our products along the lines of a well-established system.
With the help of our products you can create your own occupational retirement program, that can be formed arbitrarily according to the Organisational and Operational Regulations of our Institution for Occupational Retirement Provision.
There is nothing else to do but to make a contract with our company for accession in which the employer ascertains which employee groups they want to involve in the retirement program and determine pension schemes for. Special groups of one person can be created for key employees, but the company may also decide to involve every employee in the retirement program.
Besides having the chance to differentiate among different employee groups and the pension schemes developed for them during the development of occupational retirement provisions, your company’s occupational retirement plan will be a modern retirement program established in accordance with EU directives.
Naturally, particular pension schemes will have common elements, such as member account register or the criteria system of retirement and disability services.
At the same time, there will be several variation opportunities to customise the pension scheme:

  • in choosing the currency parameter (EUR or HUF) of the pension scheme,
  • in defining the rate (or amounts) of regular employer contributions,
  • in forming matching contribution system,
  • in defining the vesting period concerning the retirement service,
  • in choosing the optional investment opportunities in the investment portfolio system,
  • in forming the death benefit service.

Besides the possibility to differentiate and choose from various optional opportunities, the employer can define the vesting period possible, that is the interval, the employee must spend at the company to be entitled for the employer contributions, and thus the company can strengthen the employee’s loyalty and ensure keeping the employees at the firm in the long term.
You can learn more about our products in the following pages and can construct your own occupational retirement provision.
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