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Legal declaration

We would like to inform you that by opening available services on different pages of our website you accept and agree with the conditions listed below. If you do not agree with these conditions, please do not open the site.

Copyright and trademark

The webpages of QUAESTOR Foglalkoztatói Nyugdíjszolgáltató Zrt. – including every content, regardless of their form of display – are subject to Copyright.
The name QUAESTOR, just like the logo - in whole and each element separately – are subject of trade mark.

Further Information

The information available on the websites of QUAESTOR Foglalkoztatói Nyugdíjszolgáltató Zrt. serve informational purposes only, QUAESTOR Foglalkoztatói Nyugdíjszolgáltató Zrt. does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy of these. We would particularly like to call the attention to the fact that no part of the content – neither partially, nor in a whole - shall constitute as an offer, nor as a declaration with appropriate legal effect.

QUAESTOR Foglalkoztatói Nyugdíjszolgáltató Zrt. is not responsible for any loss or expenses that may arise because parts or the whole content on the website has been used by a third party with or without making any changes. Furthermore, QUAESTOR Foglalkoztatói Nyugdíjszolgáltató Zrt. is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by unauthorized access, the incapability of using the website and by improper operation.

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Protection of personal data and confidentiality of occupational retirement

QUAESTOR Foglalkoztatói Nyugdíjszolgáltató Zrt. handles every personal data they come across with during the usage of websites, according to the provisions in Act LXIII. 1992. about the protection of personal data and the disclosure of data with public interest.

QUAESTOR Foglalkoztatói Nyugdíjszolgáltató Zrt. handles every occupational retirement data confidential in accordance with legislative provisions.

QUAESTOR Foglalkoztatói Nyugdíjszolgáltató Zrt. reserves the right to modify the content of the website at any time.

Complaint management

Dear Customers,

The aim of the QUAESTOR Foglalkoztatói Nyugdíjszolgáltató Zrt. is to keep the employers and their employees satisfied with the services, the products and the related administration of our IORP. It is therefore important for us that our present and future customers shared their views – be it positive or negative – and opinions with us.
Please, fill in and send us the Complaint Form that can be downloaded from here, and our colleagues will contact you soon!

Thank you for honouring our IORP with your confidence!

Please find more information about the ways and method of submitting comments and complaints from the Complaint Management Regulations, downloadable from this site.

Complaint Management Regulations