Keresés a QUAESTOR csoport oldalain



In June 2006 the QUAESTOR Group established the “For the Future of ETO” Foundation to promote the development of the junior football players of Győr ETO FC. The primary goal of the Foundation was to establish and run a football (soccer) academy and a dormitory alongside an educational institution. The dormitory, which was the first unit to open in September 2007, was named after the former Győr ETO player Miklós Fehér, who died of a heart attack in the soccer pitch at the age of 24 while playing for the Portuguese team of Benfica. The dormitory provides high quality accommodation to junior footballers coming from further afield. Construction of the dormitory was just the first step. The next objective was the establishment of an educational institution because talented young players can participate in sufficient training sessions only if they attend a school with a flexible timetable.

The five-grade high school with one class of thirty students in each grade, was launched in September 2008. The Győr-based academy is the only Hungarian football academy that incorporates its own educational institution. The “Fehér Miklós” High School and Dormitory provides sports training, general education and accommodation. It aims at developing top athletes with a healthy personality. The high school moved to a new building in 2011 and the curricula are always adjusted to the increased training needs of student footballers. Currently there are around 400 junior players associated with the institution, which was awarded the title of “Best Hungarian Elite Academy” in 2011.

For more information please visit: www.fmla.hu