Keresés a QUAESTOR csoport oldalain


CORE VENTURE logoThe Core Venture Capital Management Company was involved in the New Széchenyi Venture Capital programmes that are financed under the auspices of the 4th Priority of the Economic Development Operative Programme as early as in 2012, when the “Core Venture” was founded.

The assets managed in the funds, and the sources that are available for eligible enterprises, run to HUF 6.435 billion, in which HUF 1.935 billion is made available for the funds by QUAESTOR Financial Consulting, Ltd. Pte, parent company of the QUAESTOR Group. When doing so, QUAESTOR Financial Consulting is acting as a private investor. In the medium term, “Core Venture” plans to involve into its activities, in addition to funds available on a competitive basis, international venture capital. Such funds are to be invested mainly in micro, small and medium enterprises that are in the early or growth stage of their life cycle and intend to expand their business activities.

Core Venture is first of all looking for ideas, projects and enterprises that can be turned into/are able to produce innovative products with a competitive edge on the international market and strive to achieve success on markets with a significant growth potential. Industries that are preferred investment beneficiaries include IT, telecommunications, various technical solutions, human medicine, energy generation, waste recycling and environmental protection.

For more information please visit: www.coreventure.hu