Keresés a QUAESTOR csoport oldalain

Message from the President-CEO

Tarsoly Csaba“QUAESTOR was a dream that could come true thanks to Hungary’s transition to market economy. It is proof of what I learned from my father and grandfather: if you work hard and with a purpose, your effort can bring fruits in the long run.

The success of the 25-year-old QUAESTOR Group is attributable to both of its staff and clients. The pillars of our market philosophy are innovation, flexibility, quality and focus on the client. By now we have built a Group in which our complex services have synergies within the Group. Our various activities enable us to increase our clients’ assets throughout their lives.

On top of our domestic assortment of goods and services we aim at building new bridgeheads beyond Hungary’s borders, and we intend to seek the efficient utilization of investment projects that can utilize knowledge-based innovations. In the forthcoming period we will open to industries that can generate profits measurable also by international standards. Our Group intends to establish companies that can both benefit from our financial resources and our experiences in building and operating companies. By relying on these capacities, we wish to set up profitable new companies.

My priorities have remained unchanged: in addition to guaranteeing the uninterrupted development of our Group, to ensure top quality in both our domestic and international activities and to serve our clients with expertise and at the highest possible standard.”

Csaba Tarsoly
President/CEO of the QUAESTOR Group