Keresés a QUAESTOR csoport oldalain


Category : hotel and golf course


139 hectares of land in the outer part of Balatonkenese 


As much as 48 hectares of land with a unique panorama adjacent to the protected plateau on the north-eastern shore of Lake Balaton is available to be built up. The rest of the area: 90 hectares, is available for sport-related development.

Development opportunities:

Property development, in cooperation with or as commissioned by a financial or strategic investor, could take any of the following forms:

  • Creation of a golf and tourism centre with natural endowments that can offer visitors a pleasant experience throughout the year – not just in the golf season.

Details of the proposed property development:

The QUAESTOR Group sees enormous potentials in a tourism-related property development project attached to golf courses, so it is planning to have a premier-quality 18+9 hole championship golf course built on 90 hectares. Named “Kenese Golf Centre,” it could be a complex facility with a total area of nearly 115,000 m2.

In the immediate vicinity of the course a luxury-category villa park would be built with 50 golf villas (single-family housing units) having a floor area of 200 m2 , as well as 150 houses (having a floor area of 70 m2) to provide accommodation for golf lovers. Each villa and apartment will come with some private land area, or land area for exclusive use by the occupants. The units are planned to be sold primarily to golfers, however, a few apartments will be reserved for use by the hotel.

Visitors to the Kenese Golf Centre will be able to stay at a four-star hotel, which will have 150 rooms. The hotel is planned to incorporate an upmarket wellness section and a partly covered fun beach.

As for the beach, a real, outdoor/indoor tropical beach – unique both to Hungary and the neighbouring countries – is planned to be built with the following features: sandy beach with palm trees, water with a pleasant temperature, aquarium to present flora and fauna and a bamboo hut buffet. Carefree recreation for visiting families with children would be guaranteed by the “Kids’ Zone” unit of the centre. Similarly to tried and tested such establishments in Western Europe, it is primarily designed to offer safe and happy leisure time to children with toys, adventure rides and trained animators. We also plan to build a convention centre in the area of the Kenese Golf Centre with a capacity of about 400 persons to win more guests for the hotel.

The almost unparalleled tourist complex of Hungary will be made even more diverse by a display winery and a winery village, which will present the major Hungarian wine-producing regions, and will allow visitors to walk from Tokaj to Villány in just about 10 to 15 minutes.

Investor target groups:

Property development firms that intend to build and/or operate a hotel / golf centre.

Present technical parameters:

Address: Balatonkenese
Total area of real estate: 1,391,564 m2
Part of the area that belongs to the resort zone: 482,099 m2
Gross leasable area that can be built in the resort zone: 33,500 m2 
Area set aside for sports (18+9 hole golf course): 840,251 m2
Nature protection area: 69,214 m2