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Kispatak társasház - Sárospatak

Category: development of residential property


The area is located in a tranquil section of the town of Sárospatak, the venue of numerous events noted in Hungarian history. There is a pond in the plot, which seems to be ideal for people who wish to have a rest at its side. The local main road runs at the edge of the plot, and a bus stop is close. 


A complex of two, three-storey buildings with a total of 52 apartments. The sizes of the apartments are 32, 36, 38, 46, 60, 75 and 80 m2 and the apartments have the following room arrangements: 1 standard room and 2 small ones or 2 rooms or 2 standards room and a small one or 3 standard rooms. The apartments have gas heating. 

Development vision:

Senior citizens’ home / centre for health services

Investor target groups:

Property development firms that intend to build / operate a residential property.

Present technical parameters:

Address: Sárospatak

Plot area: 13,188 m2

Gross leasable area: 1,450 m2


52 apartments

floor space of apartments between 32 m2 and 80 m2