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The advantages of joining

  • The only retirement related compensation form where the management board of the corporation/organisation can create pension schemes according to their own ideas and under specific conditions in each employment category.
  • The employer can also create EUR based pension schemes.
  • By choosing the most suitable length of the vesting period (0,1,2,3,4,5 years) the employer can create cost-effective retirement, jubilee, and key people programs aimed to retain their employees. The “master” of these contribution programs is always the employer.
  • The employer can also decide which employees to involve in the retirement program.
  • The employer can create any number of pension schemes, and even establish schemes for one single member.
  • In case of pension schemes, the employer can bound the payment of occupational contributions to member (employee) supplementations (matching contribution is allowed).
  • QUAESTOR Foglalkotatói Nyugdíjszolgálató Zrt. provides the most flexible schemes with low operational expenses.
  • By introducing the occupational retirement provision, an employer with international network can create a retirement program, which is compatible with already existing retirement programs in other countries and easily adaptable to global retirement policies as well.
  • QUAESTOR Foglalkoztatói Nyugdíjszolgáltató Zrt. strives to provide the highest yield – and thus highest retirement benefit - possible to every member with taking acceptable risks. In order to meet these goals, the retirement service provider outsources this activity to a professional asset management company, QUAESTOR Investment Fund Manager Pte. Ltd.
  • Introducing the occupational retirement provision does not mean significant administrative pursuits for the employer, and the members need not fill in a declaration of entrance. 
  • The investments of registered savings on member accounts are tax-free.
  • In favourable tax environment, the employer can use their framework of allowances with more than 20% greater efficiency than in case of salaries.