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QUAESTOR Group plays one of the most outstanding roles in the Hungarian financial and investment market. In the last 25 years it has developed to be a company group resting on several pillars. The company started the operation of the institution for occupational retirement provision in February 2011.

We have established the institution for occupational retirement provision (also called as IORP) with the aim to provide flexible retirement savings with significant benefits and competitive advantages both to fund members and their participant employers.
Similar occupational retirement provisions have already been operating for more than 20 years in Western-European countries and presently more and more corporate leaders have been expressing their demand for customisable pension plans that would enable the employers to create financial motivation of employees on the long-term.
All this is now available in Hungary as well. Based on a system operating fluently in Anglo-Saxon and Western European countries, our occupational retirement provision service is a unique initiation in the Hungarian market.
The products of QUAESTOR Foglalkoztatói Nyugdíjszolgáltató Zrt. gives the opportunity to create pension schemes designed to achieve unique, flexible terms.
Besides offering flexible participating conditions, during our investing activities we strive to provide higher yield and thus higher pension service at an acceptable risk for our fund members. In order to achieve this, our investing activities are managed by the professional asset management company, QUAESTOR Investment Fund Manager Pte. Ltd. 
On these pages you can get familiar with our products, you can choose the specifically tailor-made conditions that best suit your company / organization and you can construct your own occupational retirement provision.